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  1. Steve #1

    H3 Jeeperf Front Differential Bushings and Shocks

    I've been away a while but I'm starting to get the H3 back where it needs to be. Rebuilding the motor wasn't cheep. I need to replace the front differential bushings and came across these from Jeeperf. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with them or general input...
  2. Z

    Rear shock, lower bolt & nut - part numbers &where to buy?

    I need a replacment bolt that secures the rear shock to the bottom plate. Number 19 and 5 in the chart is what i need: https://www.tonkinonlineparts.com/images/parts/gm/fullsize/050125TN07-104.JPG Why would I need this bolt? On my drive from Bronx NY back home to Houston, some where in...
  3. S

    Off-road shocks

    My girlfriend's dad thinks her H3T needs some new shocks, my best guess is this is because it does dive quite a bit, but it isn't excessively bouncy, and it has less than 100k miles on it. Now I'm pretty sure shocks won't get rid of the dive, they may slow it down, but dive and roll should be...
  4. rascole

    Has anyone used shock extenders?

    Has anyone used shock extenders on the front before? I am almost finished installing my Rancho and my Bilsteins are in great shape and would like to keep them. $30 for extenders or $150 for new Bilsteins. These are for a Chevy Silverado with 3" of lift.
  5. N

    H3 Rox Ebay 3"front level and 2" rear lift

    What do you guys think about this kit? I am looking for a little more lift than cranking the torsion bars but don't want to deal with the sagging of the Rancho kit. I also know about the SOA conversion and air bags but I think that would be over kill for my purpose (mild off road more aesthetic...
  6. Ron46

    Rear Blistien 5100 + tomp skids?

    I was going to order new rear shocks from trail duty, and it says the blistein 5100s will not fit the Tomp low profile shock mount without extended shackles? Is this true, if so what kind of shackles would I need to get. Thanks...
  7. PCH2

    Steering Upgrade...Need Input

    Ok, so I noticed I am seeing slop in the steering of our '08 H2V. I have assembled a list of parts that I am looking to try and get accomplished by Oct Moab trip. I need some input as to it what I have planned for the steering is over thought or have I forgotten something. Kryptonite center...