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  1. P

    H3T H3T, Considerations when picking tire size for an H3T

    What considerations need to be made when trying to go up to 35 and 37 inch tires? Back spacing, spacer choice, lift, etc. Will 37s work on stock suspension? Thanks Grant
  2. F

    WTS Hummer H2 OEM factory Special Edition Chrome wheels

    Hummer H2 OEM factory Special Edition Chrome wheels These are genuine GM chromed alloy wheels. Set of 4. They are used, have some chrome peel inside the barrels (they all do that), and come in original boxes. Faces are in great condition as you can see. These are a beautiful and strong...
  3. a0128

    Anyone running 305/70-16 tires?

    I am interested to know if anyone is running 305/70-16 tires and if so do you have any rubbing at full lock? Thanks in advance.
  4. ZoroTheGreat

    H3 Post Pics of H3 with 295/75r16's

    Post pics of your H3 with 295/75r16's!!!
  5. I

    about to order torsion keys or some minimal lift for 305 x 16 any tips first?

    Hey everyone, New guy here from chas. WV and having a little trouble deciding on the most bang for my buck, I have recently purchased a base model h3 with the 285 's already on it (brand new all seasons) lol just installed about 2 weeks aggo by dealer. Yesterday my fav tire store Appalachain...
  6. R

    H3 Largest tire size for the H3?

    I'm looking into getting an H3 and I was wondering 1) what is the largest size of tires will fit on the H3 w/o any lift AND with a 3" lift 2) what is the largest size of tire that will fit on the back gate w/o modifications...also if I were to get rid of the tire on the back gate, what would...
  7. D

    H3 New Tires

    Installed this morning.
  8. rascole

    WTS 4 used 285/75-16 all terrain, 1 new spare

    I have 4 used Definity Dakota AT. They have 35,000 miles on them and about 10,000 left. Not a long term solution but good enough to get by for awhile until you can get the ones you want. I also have 1 new Bridgestone Dueler AT that was my spare and has 0 miles on it. Local pick up only from...
  9. rascole

    Rascole got some new BFG AT shoes.

    Made the jump finally and got the BFG AT 315/75-16. Got a great deal from American Tire Depot, $250 each out the door. Only problem I had was the wheel lock I had was the wrong one. Luckily they have the easy off kit to take the security nut off. Hope to try them out in a couple of weeks up...
  10. MessiaH2

    MessiaH2 had a big couple weeks of build

    I have owned my 03' Deuce and it has been my daily driver since Jan 2004. It has had some options added over the years but nothing like the past two weeks. It just received a 6" Fab Tech lift which mounted perfect and rides fantastic! Before After MassiaH2 second coming!!! This name comes...
  11. MessiaH2

    6" lift & tires

    Hey gang, thank you for welcoming me into the group. I have been running my 2003 H2 for 9 years stock and am now ready to play and have a bit more fun by lifting it. I have owned and operated many very large lifted trucks with over 10" lift and 44" tires so i have plenty of mud and wrench time...
  12. Big2dabank

    New Meat on the H2

    I had over 50,000 miles on my 37" Trxus M/T's, so was in need of new tires. After much diliberation with myself I decided to get the 37"x12.5x17" Goodyear Wrangler MTR's. These are still on national backorder and 4 local shops could not get there hands on them for at least two weeks. The guy at...