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  1. H


    It is expected to rain again tomorrow in LA, and need to fix this fast. Water, quite a bit, was found on the speaker cover in the cargo area of the driver's side. Saw no evidence of water on the headliner. Could not find a source of where this water is coming from. Pulled the back seats up...
  2. Grimmjow

    H3 Whole Laundry List of Problems from Driving Across the US - HELP?!

    My H3 has been a nightmare recently. I just moved across the US from Wilmington, NC to Phoenix, AZ. Left my car in Charlotte, NC with a sib and just drove it here this past weekend after it had been sitting for a month. My problems started with the usual sunroof leak. Fixed the hoses before...
  3. Z

    Weather Stripping (All Doors) Sagging

    A little while a go I took all the chairs out of the cab so i could dry the carpet and fix the leaky sunroof drains and then had the floor lineX'ed. And since then the weather stripping has been sagging. Do I need to get a new set or am I not installing it back correctly?
  4. D

    H2 owner from MI - looking for some experienced advice from you guys

    Hey everyone... Im new and have posted a couple questions on existing H2 forum threads in hopes to get some much needed advice. Ive had my 2003 H2 since 2002 and even though I am so in love with her (my "BadHumvee" was the 1st car I bought & paid off on my own...and I had wanted a Hummer since I...
  5. Big2dabank

    Hummer H2 Sunroof Seal Replacement

    Anyone have to replace the seal on their H2 sunroof. Mine is leaving so bad around the seal that the drains can't keep up. I removed the sunroof glass this weekend and tried to reseat it per the repair manual, but its still leaking. Its leaking at all four corners of the sunroof and is basically...
  6. rascole

    Rascole's sunroof drain repair

    So I thought I had fixed my leaking drain for the sunroof. After a bath last weekend the carpet was wet again. So I started with a small piece of 14 gauge wire to push through the tube, after I heard it wiggling around the head liner I knew the problem. The tube had come free from the drain...
  7. autumn walker

    Fuel line leak / repair

    The H2 has sprung a leak on the sending fuel line somewhere near the tank (based on sniff test around the truck). The truck will turn over for a few seconds (approx 3x longer than usual) and then will fire and run fine. After driving the truck the rear driver's side area stinks (where the fuel...
  8. J

    Turbo oil leak!

    My first post........ Hopefully, I dont sound like a complete idiot. I'm new to the turbo thing and have had a leak from either a vac line or a return line. I thought it was coming from the line that returned to the sump from the oil bath for the turbo? The dealer found a vac line that was...
  9. autumn walker

    Roof Leak - Passenger Side A-Pillar

    Went out to my truck this morning to see a drip of water on the dash - looked up and saw water coming down the passenger A-pillar and a slight damp spot on the headliner just above the A-pillar. Truck does not have a sunroof. I suspect it is the marker lights... anything else I should be...
  10. L

    Gauges fogging up

    Yesterday, while out wheeling, I noticed that my speedometer looked like it had moisture on the inside of the glass. The moisture went away and later the oil pressure gauge did the same. I worry that moisture in the instrument panel could potentially be a *very* bad thing. Any suggestions on...
  11. L

    Right rear lower ball joint leak

    Well, the title pretty much says it all: The right rear lower ball joint seems to be leaking an oily fluid. I thought ball joints were lubed with grease, not with oil?
  12. L

    T-Case slow leak

    The t-case on my '97 seem to have a slow leak, about 1 - 2 drops a week. To me, being the layman I am, that doesn't seem like very much. Does this fall in the "normal for an H1" category?