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  1. H


    It is expected to rain again tomorrow in LA, and need to fix this fast. Water, quite a bit, was found on the speaker cover in the cargo area of the driver's side. Saw no evidence of water on the headliner. Could not find a source of where this water is coming from. Pulled the back seats up...
  2. M

    Sunroof blocked

    PROBLEMS NEVER FINISH .. Hi guys, this inece is another problem that I have since I took this h2, the panoramic roof does not work. I feel the motor that turns but the glass is blocked, I would like to know from someone you want as I do to remove the inner roof where the blocking screws are...
  3. Z

    Weather Stripping (All Doors) Sagging

    A little while a go I took all the chairs out of the cab so i could dry the carpet and fix the leaky sunroof drains and then had the floor lineX'ed. And since then the weather stripping has been sagging. Do I need to get a new set or am I not installing it back correctly?
  4. Big2dabank

    Hummer H2 Sunroof Seal Replacement

    Anyone have to replace the seal on their H2 sunroof. Mine is leaving so bad around the seal that the drains can't keep up. I removed the sunroof glass this weekend and tried to reseat it per the repair manual, but its still leaking. Its leaking at all four corners of the sunroof and is basically...
  5. rascole

    Rascole's sunroof drain repair

    So I thought I had fixed my leaking drain for the sunroof. After a bath last weekend the carpet was wet again. So I started with a small piece of 14 gauge wire to push through the tube, after I heard it wiggling around the head liner I knew the problem. The tube had come free from the drain...
  6. Renagade132

    H2 4WD switch issues

    Has anyone had any issues when they press the button and try to switch to 4H or 4L? I press it, and it takes a few minutes to switch down to the next gear. Sometimes it even seems to stay stuck and I have to turn the truck off and back on, and then seems to reset back to normal....but I'm not...
  7. Renagade132

    Sun roof on H2

    I am having big issues with my sunroof, it has no problem opening, but when I go to close it, I have to push it with my hand for it to close completely, has anyone had this issue? I already tried dealing with the problem with the help of a friend that is a mechanic, he already changed, the...
  8. southernhummerguy

    H3 Rear Drain Tubes: Where & How-To

    The stars finally aligned and I was able to clean out my rear sunroof drain tubes. So, I thought I could help out by showing the process in detail. Tools needed: 1. Ratchet 2. 8mm Socket 3. T-15 Torx Star Bit 4. T-50 Torx Star Bit 5. Phillips Head...
  9. M

    H3 __________Headliner Rattle Issue__________

    :huh:Hey guys I have an issue that I hope someone can help me out with. I have a 2008 Base H3 and since day one I have had issues with a rattle coming from right behind the driver's seat by the dome light. It gets worse when I open the sunroof and drive 35+ MPH. It is quite annoying and so far...